Complete Fitness

Fitness at its best.  Training at the Complete Vitality Studio in Mt Pleasant, Anna will plan your sessions around your goals and needs.  With Personal Training, there are two options available: 1:1 (or couples), and Small Group Personal Training (small groups of 4-7). If you’re looking for added accountability and support around nutrition/alcohol/exercise between sessions or other health behavior changes, then 1:1 or accountability is the way to go.

Depending on your goals, sessions may involve strength work, HIIT, boxing and metabolic conditioning to yoga, animal flow and pilates. Small Group PT sessions focus on strength and HIIT training and are designed for most fitness levels.

Contact Anna to find out more about the small group personal training schedule, the one to one, and couples personal training options.

Complete Accountability
- Standard

Complete Accountability Standard is perfect if you are mostly on track, but just can’t quite reach your goals.  Designed for the client who has a healthy approach to food and fitness but can’t shift those last few kg’s, or the client who wants to reach their fitness goals (e.g. training for a half marathon or getting back into exercise after a break away), Complete Accountability Standard is the programme to help you to discover and form consistent habits so you can reach and maintain your goals.

This 8 week programme starts with an initial consult; covering goals, health history, nutrition, exercise and more.  From here, Anna will devise a personal plan for you, and will track, coach and support you weekly either in person at the Complete Vitality office or via Zoom.  A personal training session will help you to discover some new training methods or tricks to help make the most of your exercise sessions, while a behavioural focussed eating plan means that you can reach your health and fitness goals without a rigid diet or weighing your food.  Check out Catherine’s story under the testimonials section to see how this programme will set you up for success.

Complete Accountability
- Premium

Weight loss is not simple.  If it were, then the full noise 8 week challenges which are common place in the fitness industry with rigid generic diets and daily HIIT sessions would work long term.  Some people manage to achieve results by white knuckling through these programmes, but few people can a maintain a rigid, restriction based plan long term.  Anna’s approach focusses on behaviour change.  No generic diets / exercise plans here!  Anna will work with you to find the habits that give you biggest bang for buck, and empower you to find life long balance.


No stone remains unturned in that Anna will focus on not only food and activity, but also mindset.  Anna will support and coach you as you establish new habits, reach your goals and become a healthier you, for good.  This is the ultimate overhaul.  You will connect with Anna on a daily basis over 8 weeks.  Perfection is not the focus, rather discovering the haits you need to form to get the biggest results and forming these habits.


Complete Accountability Premium contains all the fundamentals of the standard package, with three added layers:  Twice weekly personal training sessions, daily support and accountability and also additional fitness testing / measurements / monitoring of progress.  


Anna will combine everything she has to offer (from her psychology degree and nutrition post grad dip, to her 20 years personal training experience) to ensure you reach your goals.  Anna only takes on one client each month for this programme, so you will have her full focus.  If you are frustrated with where you are at, and you are ready to make a life long shift, this is the package for you.

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.



/session (50 min)

1:1, Couples and Small Group (4-7) options available

Train at the Complete Vitality Studio

Strength / Yoga / Pilates / HIIT

Metabolic Conditioning Circuits

Home programmes available



/8 week programme

Initial consultation and programme

Behaviour focussed nutrition plan

Exercise Plan

2 x Personal Training Session

7 x Weekly accountability coaching at Complete Vitality or via Zoom



/8 week programme

Initial consultation, programme, lifestyle, nutrition & goal setting

Behaviour focussed nutrition plan + daily support

Weekly Exercise Plan

16 x Personal Training Sessions (strength training, HIIT, Yoga and more)

7 x Weekly accountability coaching sessions

Daily check in to keep you on track

Regular measurements, fitness testing and more