About Us

Frustrated from meeting confused and exhausted clients, who had tried a myriad of programmes, Anna decided there must be a better method.  So many people seemed to try to follow generic plans that didn’t fit with their lifestyle, or plans that lacked the personal support to make it through the difficult times.  Realising that so much more could be gained if she supported her clients’ wider wellbeing (by including nutrition, stress management and mindset support and more), across their entire week (rather than through one personal training workout each week), the complete vitality method was born.

3x Programmes

Complete Vitality offers three programmes: Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training and Accountability (hit your health and wellbeing from all angles with this multi-faceted approach and unique support element to get you on track and keep you on track).

Anna Lamb

Anna lives in Mt Pleasant with her husband and two young children. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree (psychology major from University of Canterbury), a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (nutrition and weight loss management from Otago University), is a qualified Yoga Instructor (350 hour) and a REPS registered Personal Trainer (cert 4).

The biggest satisfaction Anna gains from working with clients, is not the ‘results’ (e.g. the weight loss or increase in fitness), but rather the life changes that health improvements can become the catalyst for. For example, a client who reaches their goal weight, but discovers a love for running along the way. Or a client who reduces their alcohol intake and, in the process, reduces their stress levels, improves their energy/fitness, their mental wellbeing and takes on new personal challenges as a result of their improved confidence and wellbeing. These flow on effects are the reason why Anna loves helping people to become happier, healthier versions of themselves.