"I have lost over 10kgs, dropped 2 dress sizes and have the most amazing amount of energy"

Before meeting Anna the only exercise I did was Pilates and walking.  I decided I wanted to improve my cardio fitness and introduce some strength training.  I had thought about joining a boot camp but just didn’t feel confident going along to a group session with all people of all levels of fitness.  Starting one on one training with Anna was the best thing I ever did. 

Her endless encouragement, patience motivation and friendship pulled me through.  She had me doing things I never thought I would ever be able to do and boy what a feeling when I achieved them.  Over the course of 8 months training with Anna, I have improved my fitness considerably, I have lost over 10kgs, dropped 2 dress sizes and have the most amazing amount of energy and self confidence.  I have never been a runner, I now run regularly and recently completed 10km, when I started this journey I couldn’t even run 200m.

Meeting Anna has changed my life and for that I’m truely thankful.


"lost 19.5kg and maintained that loss for 2 years now"

Anna’s support and attention to detail has been instrumental in my weight loss. With her support, I initially lost 5.65 kg in 8 weeks. Using the skills I learned with her, I went on to lose a total of 19.5kg and I have maintained that loss for 2 years now. 

People face so many setbacks when they try to lose weight. Being accountable to Anna has really helped me stay on track. A weekly phone call with follow up emails has meant there is a lot of personal attention and care.

There is so much information about nutrition and fitness out there that it is hard to know what to believe. Anna helped me with excellent knowledge and ideas. She was so excited about each week’s loss that it really motivated me to reach my goals.

I work full time with two small children. Trying to focus on my own health is often really challenging as there are so many other needs to put before my own, but by focusing on my fitness and nutrition, I have been a much better mum and I have had more energy for living life. I have learned that having a future plan for social occasions makes them so much easier to deal with. Anna has a forward-focused approach where she encourages you to picture what is coming up in your week and plan for how you are going to eat and get active. Anna helped me to set goals for each week and to celebrate each success along the way.

The more focused you get on future plans, the easier unexpected social events are to deal with.
She really understands the full picture of weight loss and all the tricks your mind can play along the way. She understands how to deal with triggers and poor choices and she always knows how to motivate me.
I would recommend Anna’s personalised programme to anyone regardless of age, weight or fitness. Anna will help you become your best version of you.

Everyone has different reasons for choosing to embark on a fitness journey or nutrition plan. For some people, they may have tried a number of times before to lose weight or get fit. No matter what your story is or what your challenges are, Anna’s biggest strength is that she listens without judgement and supports you all the way. She celebrates your successes no matter how small and when there are setbacks she helps you reflect and reset. She helps to see successes and improvements even if you don’t always notice them in yourself. It really helps to have someone who is always on your side, even when you’re not on your own side. Anna always has your back.